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Nick Nighbor and Paul Hermes

Episode 22: Excellence is Intentional with Paul Hermes | InitiativeOne Leadership Podcast

leadership leadership challenges leadership foundations leadership transformation podcast Oct 19, 2022

Paul Hermes on the InitiativeOne Leadership Podcast

Do you believe excellence is intentional?

In Episode 22 of the InitiativeOne Leadership Podcast, our host, Nick Nighbor, sits down with Paul Hermes, Director of Technology Services and Assessment for the Fond du Lac School District, to talk about the importance of self-leadership when leading teams!

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Shifting your way of thinking and moving towards a view of yourself that promotes your value beyond your performance is critical to self-leadership. It's essential to slow down, reflect, and understand the motivations that drive you each day.

Your ability to lead yourself will profoundly impact the quality of your leadership with the people around you. As Paul Hermes states in this interview, you aren't going to stumble into greatness; excellence is an intentional process! Watch the full interview for more leadership insights from Paul Hermes!

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